Look! A White Elephant!!!

Sorry I have been away for so long. Lots of stuff going on – some good, some not good – but I finally had some stuff that I really wanted to get onto my blog, and this is a quick and silly one.

So, the company had a Christmas party this year and we were going to do a White Elephant gift exchange. So, I came up with a creative idea for it and began the necessary work to implement it. Then, 3 days before the party, the gift exchange was cancelled. So, since I had already invested a decent amount of time into this gift, I decided not to stop at just 1 gift, but enough for everyone at the party (well, employees at the party). The following is what I came up with – each were framed individually, wrapped, and randomly selected by my coworkers (with the exception of 2)… (and of course, clicky to embiggenate)

Do I make you horny, baby? Yeah!!!

Eat your ham, Tina
It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.

I am the Walrus
Sargeant Yarsh’s one and only Lonely Hearts Club Band

Leonidas never looked so happy
Yarsh… In… SPARTAAAAA!!!!

Freedom, anyone? Anyone?...
I look good in a kilt… with Mel Gibson’s pre-alcoholic body…

I'm sorry. That last hand... it nearly killed me.
Bond. Yarsh Bond.

It's cold outside!...
Duuuun dun dun dun Duuuuun… SuperYarsh!!!

We named the monkey Jack.

Throw me the idol...
Asps… Very dangerous. You go first.

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Tired of the ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’?…

If you happen to NOT be tired of the Dramatic Chipmunk, or have not yet seen variations of the theme, then click here. Otherwise, the following videos are for your viewing pleasure.

Guyz Nite may have created the awesomest song-tribute to a movie. I present… Die Hard! Note – this song does have a verse about ‘Live Free or Die Hard‘, but it really doesn’t give anything away. Also note – this song does contain some language. Yippi-kay-ay Mother F…

Next, is an oldie but a goodie. Oldie is subjective (it came out a few months ago), but I knew about it then and apparently didn’t blog it. So here is No More Kings‘ sweet song and even sweeter video “Sweep The Leg“. A song based around The Karate Kid. This song is pretty cool, but the best part is that all of the actors (with the exception of the band and a pizza-joint-managing Dennis “Mr. Belding” Haskins) are the same actors that were in the original movie.

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The ‘Q’ stands for Kwality

The shirt that I am currently wearing is ok. Nothing great. Doesn’t even look spectacular. But it is comfortable and is apparently designed to stay cool even in the summer heat (the verdict is still out on that one). But this particular shirt has 1 major thing going for it – It is a Haggar shirt that has a ‘Q’ stitched into the upper-back (near the neckline) on the inside of the shirt. This ‘Q’ signifies Haggar’s undeniable quality of clothing and production. There’s even a tag in the shirt that explains this quality…

Haggar Menans Quality

It’s got an “unconditional lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship & materials.” Does this menan that I can get a replacement shirt tag for free?

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Keytar Hero

One day I told Shorty that he should make a comic on his website about Guitar Hero… Actually, I told him he had to make a Keytar Hero comic panel. But he never did, so I took matters into my own hands…

I thought it was pretty funny and turned out very well (and done in a similar style to his website). I don’t really wish they made a Keytar Hero game – I love the Guitar Hero series on its own – but I thought the idea in general was damn funny. I let him post the image on his website yesterday, but had to do my own post for the other 2 of you to see my masterpiece. So here you go 🙂

YARSH ATTACKS WITH KEYTAR SOLO!!!! (room clears out…)

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I’s a blarging!!!111Eleventybillion

Finally, a post! It’s been one crazy month since I posted anything, and since I really have some stuff to write, here I am. I will try to make this as short as possible, but you and I both know that I can get wordy when writing my thoughts out…

Business as Usual: Work has been very good and very hectic at times as well. We have a large project that we are working on, and we hired on our first full-time employee. We’re finally seeing some progress in our current project, and after struggling to meet our first deadline, we are currently ahead of our next one. Plus, we have some new work trickling in and it looks very exciting. Things are good at The Dot.

In the Navy Army: Last week, I said good bye and good luck to one of my closest life-long friends, Randall, who joined the Army National Guard late last year. He just set out on a 6+ month journey which includes Army basic training and Advanced Individual Training. It’s been less than one week since he left, and I think we are all feeling it… of course, no one as much as his identical twin brother, Rickey. I will do the best that I can over the next several months to be a surrogate twin. Hey, there have been points in the past where people believed that Rickey and I were twins; I just don’t think I can read his mind… yet…

Here is the flyer that I created for the going away party that we threw for Randall – I think it is dope, so I wanted to share it with the rest of you who may not have seen it yet (Extra special thanks to Mark and Jamey MacLeod for hosting the party):

lolcats are teh awesome: Oh yes, lolcats! Those funny, no – hysterically brilliantly amazingly funny (for the most part), kitty images with the 13-year old’s internet grammar explaning the pics are the funniest thing on the internet that I have seen in a long time. I get a kick out of 90% of the images, so you should too… Here’s a little sample:

Image found on I Can Has Cheezburger?

Check these out for some super duper laughs:
    I Can Has Cheezburger?
    Meme Cats

Cinco de Drinko: Phil and Debs had a party on Saturday, which was loads of fun. Lots o’ beer and food stuff. De la Hoya – Mayweather fight. Ben Araiza in town. Mikey and the Dumb One. Lots of people hanging around. Drunken Karaoke + Drunken Guitar Circle = not good. But 90% was great. Had a blast. Thanks Philly and the Debs.

And hello to Anne (no, not Anne “I married ‘the guy who wrote the song Slither, but Slash stole it from me'”, but rather Anne “Yarsh has an incredibly large horde of Diet Dr. Pepper and I want him… to move so I can have some”)

Post Compleet – kthxbai!

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Immature Geek Humor

While at lunch today, we discussed how one of our clients actually understands what we do: why we may be more expensive than your typical web haus, but are ultimately better. The answer is because your average web design company knows little-to-nothing about backend development, whereas our expertise lies primarily in the backend of software design (granted, we have a large amount of website creation experience as well). Sure you can get it cheaper, but chances are that it will not be better. We like to think of ourselves as software developers who happen to put a web-based user interface on a product (we don’t focus primarily on web development, but most of our clients thus far have wanted their product to be web-enabled).

This discussion launched some interesting one-off quips about ASP.net development. The funniest, I now present to you. Of course there may only be 1 reader who actually gets this reference…


Technically, CodeBehind is deprecated now with the .NET 2.0 and 3.0 frameworks, but it’s still f’n funny to me (and probably other ASP.net developers).

Someone needs to make a t-shirt of this… Jeff will wear it.

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Update 08.16.06

I don’t have much on my mind right now. Actually, that’s not true – I have tons on my mind right now, but the limited ability to express such things in words at this time. So instead of just posting another “Mr Clean” photoshop, I figured I would kill a few birds with one post.

Reminder: Ben Araiza is having the second annual “Perfect Day for a Cure” this Saturday night at Alice Cooper’stown. Show starts at 8. All proceeds go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Go here for more information, or contact me.

A perfect day.

And (like this is an afterthought)… I made yet another Mr. Clean Photoshop. I have created a Mr. Clean page in the blog where you can see all of my Mr. Clean images. It is also linked in the left sidebar under “Miscellany”. Enjoy them, for I know that I am having fun creating them. If you have any suggestions for other Mr. Cleans, let me know via comments.

Avast! (see, that’s a hint about what the newest Mr. Clean image is…)

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