teh Funny intartube – 1.1

I have recently seen some funny videos on the web, so I wanted to spread teh funny wealth.

1. Darth Vader being a smartass: OMG! This is just classic. It definitely helps if you have some knowledge of Empire (and the scene this was taken from).

2. Frustrated Mac User: I may have posted this before, but it is extremely teh funny.

3. Pirates 2 crushes Aquaman: Apparently somebody negleted to tell this CNBC reporter that Aquaman was a fictional movie directed by James Cameron and starring Vincent Chase (from the fantastic HBO show Entourage – If you haven’t seen Entourage, go get seasons 1 and 2 on DVD. You will not be disappointed).

4. The Nickel Trick: Probably one of the best billiards shots ever invented.

5. Video Made the Internet Star – Not the funniest thing ever, but extremely creative use of treadmills.

6. Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We’re going down – The misheard lyrics. In video/MSPaint format. The one that started them all (at least for me – thanks to Daniel Almaraz)

7. Nightwish – Wishmaster: The misheard lyrics. Another video along the lines of the Fall Out Boy video above. Fantastically cheesy song.

8. Dream Theater – Only a matter of Tyme: The misheard lyrics. In this case, Thyme is even misspelled. Uses live footage as the video, but the words are good and it is my favorite band…

9. Dream Theater – Innocence Faded: Another DT misheard lyrics. And only pictures for the video, but funny lyrics.

And I’m spent. If you know of any funny videos that you think belong in a post such as this, let me know.

UPDATE: I removed the embeded video from these links because they were causing my site to load… poorly. – Yarsh 08.15.2006

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Home on the Range

Last week, Mark and I went to the Scottsdale Gun Club with one of his friends. I didn’t bring my gun with me, so I rented one. The NightHawk Enforcer .45 was recommended, so I tried it. Why not, it happens to be a $2000 handgun.

The only thing that concerned me was that the safety release for firing is on the back of the grip; it unlocks the safety as you squeeze the grip. I had fired an older S&W 1911 (which I also rented at SGC) that had the same safety feature and I had nothing but trouble with releasing the safety (which was the cause of my concern). So…

It kicked ass. Not only was the safety a non issue (it released with the lightest amount of pressure), but the gun performs like a dream. I have never fired any handgun that had such a smooth trigger pull and recoil action with a .45 caliber round. My first 50 rounds are shown below.

Warning: Taunting the Yarsh may result in physical injury

I tried to find some more info about the Enforcer, but it is apparently discontinued. However, I did find a review of the gun. Not the exact model, but the exact gun that I fired.

…All of The Scottsdale Gun Club’s (SGC) Nighthawk Custom range guns (rental guns) have proven to be eminently reliable, and have exhibited no problems of any kind. SGC has a Nighthawk Enforcer model (precursor to the GRP line) that “easily has 50,000 rounds through it” over the last year without any reported malfunctions. “And I know that one got abused”, [SGC Purchasing and Sales Director] Hanish said. “It just keeps on chuggin along.” This particular Nighthawk Enforcer has been rented close to 400 times and is regularly used by students for SGC’s tactical shooting classes, in addition to just range rental. During one of these classes, a student will shoot 500-1000 rounds through this gun.

If I had the cash and the desire to build a handgun collection, a NightHawk model would definitely be in there.

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