Immature Geek Humor

While at lunch today, we discussed how one of our clients actually understands what we do: why we may be more expensive than your typical web haus, but are ultimately better. The answer is because your average web design company knows little-to-nothing about backend development, whereas our expertise lies primarily in the backend of software design (granted, we have a large amount of website creation experience as well). Sure you can get it cheaper, but chances are that it will not be better. We like to think of ourselves as software developers who happen to put a web-based user interface on a product (we don’t focus primarily on web development, but most of our clients thus far have wanted their product to be web-enabled).

This discussion launched some interesting one-off quips about development. The funniest, I now present to you. Of course there may only be 1 reader who actually gets this reference…


Technically, CodeBehind is deprecated now with the .NET 2.0 and 3.0 frameworks, but it’s still f’n funny to me (and probably other developers).

Someone needs to make a t-shirt of this… Jeff will wear it.

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Welcome to YarshBlog 2.0!

Just a quick note – YarshBlog 2.0 is now fully functional.

Take a look around – there isn’t a whole lot that is different as far as look and feel, but there are some new features, like categories and new Yarsh stats / about me info.

Plus, you don’t have to be a member of any blog software to comment here – just a name and email address is sufficient.

Anyways, please enjoy YarshBlog 2.0 and let me know what you think 🙂

PS – RSS users, since this is a new software, my posts now have new IDs and therefore a new feed. If you delete recently read posts and would like to prevent the newest 10 posts from continually coming in as new, delete the old feed posts that are the same title as the new ones. This way you will not continually receive multiple repeat posts via RSS.

PPS – I realize that not all of you can see the new website yet… it is a DNS resolving issue and could take several hours to correct itself.

XHTML compliance is Bullsh**!

I have been hard at work for the past few days on my new blog software, and I have decided to make it totally XHTML 1.0 compliant. It has taken me nearly 3 times the amount of work, but thus far I have been successful at making it XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant. I am satisfied with the results, because it means that my site should render correctly in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

But it doesn’t. Even though the new site validates as XHTML Strict, it still renders incorrectly within Firefox and Safari. WTF??? I thought that these browsers were designed to work properly with sites that validate properly. I mean, isn’t that the big gripe with Internet Explorer – that it isn’t built with compliance standards? And yet it is the only browser that actually renders the site properly.

And now you know why I hate Firefox. People believe it to be the better browser; some people won’t even let you browse their site unless you are using Firefox (or other non-IE browsers), and yet it still doesn’t work.

Once IE7 is out of beta, I will be upgrading to that. It has tabbed browsing, like Firefox, and will render my site properly. Screw all you IE hating MoFos.

Changes, they are a comin’

Just wanted to let you all know that I have begun work on converting my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

What this means to you, my 3 readers (I gained another reader!):

  • The ability to comment on my blog without having a Blogger username. So, for those lurkers out there, you will only need to supply a username of your choice, an email address (which never gets posted), a home website address (if you have one), and your comment. Pretty simple
  • Nothing else will change. The look of this site will remain the same.


While I don’t like the fact that WordPress is written in PHP, I do like the fact that I can manage my own code instead of having to rely on Blogger to be free of charges, and to be working at all times (so that when I want to post, I can post). Also, Blogger likes to use individual html files for each post. This annoys me because if I make 1 change to my blog template, I have to republish the entire thing so that the single change gets propogated to all pages. With WordPress, each post is stored in a database. Plus, I have some experience with WordPress now, because a client of mine wanted a blog, so we settled on WordPress after Mark had thought highly of it.

The way I currently have my blog template set up will allow me to put some code logic into the detail.asp page (which is the page you would view individual posts at currently) so that old links will not be broken. You can use an old link that goes to, say, this post, and my code logic will redirect it to the correct WordPress page.


It may be a week or 2 before I get everything running correctly due to Mark being on vacation this coming week, so if I have server issues or the likes, I will have to wait until he gets back (I’m also transferring the domain to a new server). Regardless, this should be fun 🙂

I do want to thank PrimaryHub for allowing me to host my site(s) over there for the past 5 years. Thanks for making it easy for me to entertain the masses (all 3 of you).


Yesterday marked the end of my tenure with Trax Technologies. I am full of mixed emotions about this. I have been, and will continue to be, restrained in what I say about the company that has given me 2+ years of employment. However, I did want to say a few final things.

To start, my job was outsourced, or ‘offshored’ as they like to say, and therefore it was not my decision to leave. Over the past 6-8 months, company-wide morale has been going down. I could probably count on 1 hand the number of people in the U.S. office who are truely happy with their jobs. With this in mind, I was not upset when I found out that I was being “released.” I actually saw it as a blessing and a great opportunity for growth. And now the time has officially come to move on.

And that’s where the mixed emotions come into play. I now need to find a new job. This actually scares me because I had been stuck in a mostly configuration and support-based role for the last 8 months, and although I do feel that I have a grasp on programming in C# and ASP.NET (with my skills extending into classic ASP, Javascript, VB, CSS, HTML, etc), I tend to doubt my skills when I truely need them. Like in job interviews.

There’s the rub.

I will break out of this funk, I have no doubt of that. And I am hitting C# hard right now, with individual time – in books, contract work, and sample projects – as well as in a group environment with Jeff (who is, and will continue to be, my development mentor). I am confident that my skills are getting back into shape daily.

I’m ready to move up and move on.

One point Twenty-One JigaWatts!

Mark spent this past weekend in California, where he visited Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood. A couple of his pictures got me thinking about the classic blunder of Doc Brown in the Back to the Future trilogy, where he refers to the amount of electricity needed to power the DeLorean for time travel – 1.21 Jigawatts.

In an astounding revolution (for us techie types), I have discovered that the prefix Giga- can be pronounced either jiga or giga. Either pronounciation is perfectly valid. In fact, Mirriam-Webster’s dictionary shows the pronounciation jiga as the preferred option. The web is full of even more proof of this concept.

Apparently, we just weren’t thinking 4th-dimensionally.

On a different note, here is another picture of Randall and I with Anne at the concert last friday night. Once I have some more photos, I will put them into the Looney Bin archive for all to see. (thanks to Anne for this pic) 

I’m checking my Gmail…

Gmail, Google’s forray into free email, is potentially a Yahoo and Hotmail killer. I currently have over 2.5GB of storage space for email and attachments alone, whereas the free services offered by those other companies is less than a Gig. Granted, 1GB is a lot of text and HTML email, but add in attachments and storing all of this data on a remote server (as opposed to your local PC), and you will eventually run out of space. Gmail’s space capacity grows constantly, so it will take a LONG time to fill your quota.

But that’s not the real reason for this post. Yesterday, Google added their IM program, Google Talk, into Gmail. Basically, instead of needing to use their IM client to chat with your Google buddies, you can do it directly inside of Gmail.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, you don’t have to open yet another stand-alone application to IM your peeps. On the other hand, when you check your email, your peeps can see you come online. So now Shorty and Reardon can see me checking my email. You can disable this feature within Gmail, but I’ll keep it active and see if anything comes out of it.

By the way, if anybody wants a Gmail account, you can email me here: yarshicle{at]gmail[dot]com, or for those brave enough to give out their email addy in the blog comments, you can post it there.

UPDATE: Hotmail only gives you 250MB of storage space, and Yahoo now gives you 1GB, but for $19.95/year you can get “virtually unlimited storage”, or 2GB (which is still less than the free Gmail)…

Internet Goodies…

My brother, in the past, has written about the wonders of YouTube. You can find some great videos (and some terrible ones) on there, all for free viewing. Recently, I found that you can integrate their videos into your own personal website. The only “quirky” behavior that these videos have is dependent on where you click. If you click on the big Play button in the middle of the screen, or on the small Play button in the bottom-left timeline, it will play the movie directly from this page. However, if you click elsewhere in the video screen, it redirects the browser to that particular YouTube page (new window in IE, or new tab in Firefox). But hey, it’s still sweet that you can do this. Mad props* to YouTube.

Anyways, I thought I would pass along one of my recent favorites: BrokebackTo The Future.

*(of course, it breaks my HTML 4.01 compliance…)

The DCtm – Episode 1.01

Jimmy was beginning to hate his newly appointed position. He was definitely the most qualified to fill it, but Jackson’s micro-management was getting in the way. It was begining to piss him off. The SQL server crashes and lack of space issues were just magnifying the pain.

Max Enterprises seemed to specialize in server instability. If it wasn’t the air conditioning going out in the Data Center, it was the roof leaking into a sea of exposed high-voltage wire after a late summer evening storm. And if not that, running out of electronic storage space.

Or database servers crashing due to extreme heat.

But therein lies the problem: Jimmy couldn’t get more servers if he couldn’t get the temperature of the DC down below 70 degrees. And due to the rising heat, regardless of the crisp fall air outside, he couldn’t keep the servers currently residing in the DC from commiting seppuku.

“I’m tired of seeing Peter and Karen in there without any assistance from one of us IT guys,” Jimmy was saying to John. “What’s the point in having RFID badges, preventing access to the Data Center, when we leave the doors wide open?”

John Smirked. “In case you haven’t noticed, the AC is off in there again. In order to prevent – well hopefully prevent – another server meltdown, we need to leave those doors open to increase cool air circulation.”

“Of course I noticed, John. And when Bored comes to the office in 2 weeks to do their security audit, they’ll notice it too.”

“Looks like we better get these servers to the new off-site Data Center. Like, immediately.”

“Heh. You and I both know that this move is going to take a month or more to complete. The question is, when will we be able to convince Shiney of this?”

“I’d say about halfway into the first week of the move,” John fired back immediately.

To be continued…

The DCtm

I got a tv show that I want to pitch to the execs at Fox – especially considering some of the goings-on in our data center today. I can see it now…

Coming soon to Fox: From the creators of The Simple Life, American Idol, and Nanny 911 comes the all new, laugh out loud, comedy: The DCtm.

The verdict is in:

The DCtm “just doesn’t get any better when it comes to watching sorry ass, over paid, certifiably retarded IT professionals. – TV Pride 

If The DCtm wasn’t reality television, I never would have believed it! – US Meekly

I laughed. I cried. I ate some Cheetos. – High Times

Everything they do (and don’t do) seem like Resume Generating Events. How do they ever survive? – Yarsh

Catch an all new DCtm Thursday night at 8, right after new episodes of So You Think You Can Dance and Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy – Only on FOX!

Of course, not to be outdone, The Discovery Channel will release American Data Center (which will be showed on Monday nights after American Chopper and before American Hot Rod). 

Nootch. Mad Props go out to Mark, who made these images for me while I was still in “Crisis Mode” at work today.