Why didn’t I think of that?

This morning I was right on time for work. But then I realized I had to get gas. So I stopped for gas. Then I was back on my way… and remembered that I forgot to take my Lactose meds. So I drove back home and grabbed my meds. Then I was finally off to work. At the main enterance to Desert Ridge (thanks for the map link, j0tt), I saw the coolest (to me) license plate ever…

DreamTheater License Plate

DRMTH8R – Dream Theater!

Damn, why didn’t I think of that??? Oh right – because I already had YARSH.

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Tired of the ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’?…

If you happen to NOT be tired of the Dramatic Chipmunk, or have not yet seen variations of the theme, then click here. Otherwise, the following videos are for your viewing pleasure.

Guyz Nite may have created the awesomest song-tribute to a movie. I present… Die Hard! Note – this song does have a verse about ‘Live Free or Die Hard‘, but it really doesn’t give anything away. Also note – this song does contain some language. Yippi-kay-ay Mother F…

Next, is an oldie but a goodie. Oldie is subjective (it came out a few months ago), but I knew about it then and apparently didn’t blog it. So here is No More Kings‘ sweet song and even sweeter video “Sweep The Leg“. A song based around The Karate Kid. This song is pretty cool, but the best part is that all of the actors (with the exception of the band and a pizza-joint-managing Dennis “Mr. Belding” Haskins) are the same actors that were in the original movie.

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Random Thoughts and Another Year…

Once again, it has been a while since an update. Still not ready to post about vehicles that I may or may not have… Instead, I bring you random thoughts that have occurred to me over the past few days, and perhaps a few other tidbits as well.

* I watched Stranger Than Fiction last night, and thought it was great. I had heard that the movie wasn’t anything like people generally expected (expecially with Will Ferrell as the lead), so I went into watching it without any preconceived notions about the storyline or genre. And it was excellent. I was actually inspired by this movie; inspiration is definitely something that I have been lacking over the past several months. Highly recommended. PS – I heart Maggie Gyllenhaal.

* Also worth seeing: The Departed. Not worth seeing: Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

* The new CD office is sweet. Work is busy. But at least it doesn’t get in the way of my social life (Read: None).

* I had heard Korn‘s Freak on a Leash from their eMpTV Unplugged concert on the radio a couple of times. The song features Amy Lee from Evanescence and is quite a departure from what you would expect out of Korn. But it was interesting enough that when TiVo recorded the concert (commercial free), I had to watch it. It was not bad at all. Jonathan Davis surprised me with his very decent vocals, but the best part was most definitely the orchestrations of their tunes. Not only did they have a plethora of wonderful and bizarre instruments, they had some very cool orchestrations and chord structure modifications that were worth seeing/hearing at least once (even for the casual Korn fan or general music lover).

* You know what really Grinds my Gears? American Idol. Whys they gotta have 20 AI shows a week and push new House episodes back week in and week out? I already had to go through 3 weeks without a new House episode, then one finally airs last night, only to have the next episode be shown in 3 more weeks. Lame. Speaking of poor network programming: no new Smallville for 1 month (from Feb 15th to March 15th), no new Heroes for nearly 2 months (March 5th – April 23rd… WTF), and no new Studio 60… ever? You gotta go and cancel a show that I enjoy after half a season? NBC >= Jerks. At least I still have 24, Rome, Monk and Psych (oh wait, Monk and Psych are done until this summer – grrrrr)… Entourage and The Sopranos in April (8th to be exact). Hold on… wait a sec… NEW ENTOURAGE AND SOPRANOS ON APRIL 8TH???!!!111ELEVENTYONE (whoops – capslock got stuck)

* I upgraded my blog software to version 2.1.2, so it may or may not solve some of the issues that I was having with this site. Particularly with not being able to get to the comments (or even being able to comment at all). Hopefully this upgrade will fix it. If not… I’ll take it up with my hosting provider… 😉

* Exactly one year ago today, I wrote this post… So yeah. Go me.

That’s all for now. I’ll try harder to fulfill the 2 faithful readers with more content in the VERY near future. Perhaps some pictures even…

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Update 08.16.06

I don’t have much on my mind right now. Actually, that’s not true – I have tons on my mind right now, but the limited ability to express such things in words at this time. So instead of just posting another “Mr Clean” photoshop, I figured I would kill a few birds with one post.

Reminder: Ben Araiza is having the second annual “Perfect Day for a Cure” this Saturday night at Alice Cooper’stown. Show starts at 8. All proceeds go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Go here for more information, or contact me.

A perfect day.

And (like this is an afterthought)… I made yet another Mr. Clean Photoshop. I have created a Mr. Clean page in the blog where you can see all of my Mr. Clean images. It is also linked in the left sidebar under “Miscellany”. Enjoy them, for I know that I am having fun creating them. If you have any suggestions for other Mr. Cleans, let me know via comments.

Avast! (see, that’s a hint about what the newest Mr. Clean image is…)

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Design Decision Complete

When I last left off in my Credit Card Design post, I had a majority vote for design #4, but I was still leaning towards #5. I asked my brother why his preference was for #4 and he said that the crease in the sheet music wasn’t as apparent as it was in #5.

I sided with Mark about how the Keys should appear on image #5, so I decided to use the best of both worlds. I took some new pics of sheet music (Metropolis Part 1) without a crease in it, and combined it with the Keys from #5. Here is the final product.

No takebacks now. The image has been submitted, and accepted, for my new credit card.


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Perfect Day for a Cure 2

Just giving my peeps a heads-up. The Ben Araiza band will be playing their second annual Perfect Day for a cure show this Saturday night, August 19th. For anyone who likes music, this is the show to be at. All proceeds for the Perfect Day for a Cure show go to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.

Ben Araiza is an up and coming talent who’s music ranges from Rock to Pop to Pop Rocks and Coke. I have seen a lot of live shows, and it really doesn’t get much better than the Ben Araiza band on stage.

So, come on out and hang out with some great people for a great cause.

A perfect day.

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Remedy, Part 1

Music makes me feel good. Writing and playing it, even more so. Although I didn’t play much tonight to make me feel better about my day, I did resort to old faithful – Dream Theater DVD’s.

I popped in Metropolis 2000: Live Scenes from New York. Immediately, I felt soothed. I had nearly forgotten how awesome of a show that was. Granted, the Video production was not that good, but the music totally makes up for it. And for the first time in God knows how long, I shed tears. Just the grandiosity of the track The Spirit Carries On, complete with live female choir and lead female vocalist for the female character’s part. Not much else, besides music, can truly fill me with such raw emotion.

In order to make up for the lack of video quality, I popped in Live at Budokan, which has – without a doubt – the most amazing video footage I have ever seen from a concert. Recorded in HiDef. Unfortunately, the music itself is not played as well as Scenes from New York, but what Live Scenes is to music, Budokan is to video (and then some). Plus, Budokan has 2 of my all-time favorite live songs on it: Hollow Years and Instrumedley (a lengthy collage of Dream Theater Instrumental songs/sections combined into 1 song).

I cannot wait until August 29th, when Score is released. It is yet another Dream Theater concert which took place at Radio City Music Hall earlier this year. They had a full orchestra that played the entire second set with them. Live choirs are one thing. A live orchestra + my favorite band evar? Incredible.

Thank you, Dream Theater, for making my day.

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My decision making skills seem to be lacking…

I came home from work today and found an invitation in my email box. The invitation was to create my own image for my personal Capital One card. They now have this thing where you can upload an image and submit it to them to put on the front of your credit card, and the first one (for Capital One Visa customers) is free.

One of their demo images

I decided to make a musical collage. I spent nearly 5 hours playing with ideas and came up with a few that I like, but cannot decide which to choose (you can only choose 1; additional designs cost money). So I leave it up to my readers to decide. Which one should I go with? Or should I choose none of the above? Let me know via comments, please. I need your help!






Remember that the card numbers and my name will be written over the lower half of the image…

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Guitar Hero

No, I’m not referring to a certain Wanna-Be Rock Star… I’m referring to the insanely addictive Guitar Hero for PS2. The sole reason for this post? Some of the new tracks in Guitar Hero 2 have been announced, and will be playable at E3 next week. Of the 7 songs announced, I am stoked for 2 of them: You Really Got Me by the Kinks (as performed by Van Halen) and YYZ by Rush. HELLS YEAH! And don’t forget some Black Sabbath with War Pigs

There will be 55 songs in the game this time around, so I expect that there will be some other AWESOME tunes to jam out on.

Can you tell that I am a Guitar Hero junkie? Yeah, I am. But I still can’t beat Cowboys from Hell or Bark at the Moon on expert mode in the original GH though…

A new toy :-)

Today, I went to Guitar Center with Randall. There were things there that we each wanted, and we both left with those things in our hands.

For Randall, a new guitar. He has been itching to start laying down some ideas with a guitar, and now he has that ability. He purchased an awesome Ernie Ball Music Man Sub1 for an incredible price (which I am not to divulge here due to super amazing discounts).

I, on the other hand, did not get away with the incredible savings that he did. I spent my birthday money and a little more on something I have been wanting (albiet in a different form than I was expecting). I picked up an Alesis MultiMix 16 FireWire – a mixer that plugs into my computer (and laptop) via FireWire. I was looking for a way to record my keys (and other stuff) on my computer and laptop, so I needed something that would connect via USB or FireWire. It also had to be a somewhat small piece of hardware so that I could take it with me if need be. Originally I was looking at things like the MBox2 or the Yamaha MW12, but neither of these served my ultimate purposes (both connect via USB, the Yamaha with USB1.1 – I really wanted this one due to the price and package, but it would only allow me to record 1 track at a time).

This mixer is everything that I wanted and more than I needed. The biggest benefit to getting this though is the ability to record 16 channels into the music recording software at 1 time (Steinberg Cubase). So, even though I have no need for that capacity right now, I will need it once we start tracking some new songs.

Anyways, I played around with it a bit tonight and I like it so far. I had written a little song outro that I wanted Randall to hear, but it was trapped on my keyboard. I set up Cubase to work properly with the mixer, and went to town. Consider it recorded, and here for all to… hear.

Download Yarsh’s Song Outro Idea (right-click, save target as…, please)