About Yarsh

I’m a software developer by day, musician by night. My current hobbies are writing music, playing keys/piano, reading good espionage/thriller novels, Sudoku, and checking MySpace for comments… Yes, I am a comment whore and like having my blog read by the less than 10 people out there who occasionally stumble across it (I love you all). Now please leave a comment.

My love in life is Music. Like I said, I am a musician by night, but that doesn’t stop me from thinking about it during the day at work. There’s always a good song running through my head, whether it is something I have written or by one of the vast amounts of bands that I enjoy. Unfortunately, there comes a time when a BAD song starts running through my head, and the only cure is more cowbell. I mean, the cure is to put my nice headphones on and rock out to something fresh. You can check out some of my musical selections right here

I recently started my own business with a couple of friends. It has been a bit slow over the past month and a half, but things seem to be picking up. That’s definitely good news for the landlord.

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