Why didn’t I think of that?

This morning I was right on time for work. But then I realized I had to get gas. So I stopped for gas. Then I was back on my way… and remembered that I forgot to take my Lactose meds. So I drove back home and grabbed my meds. Then I was finally off to work. At the main enterance to Desert Ridge (thanks for the map link, j0tt), I saw the coolest (to me) license plate ever…

DreamTheater License Plate

DRMTH8R – Dream Theater!

Damn, why didn’t I think of that??? Oh right – because I already had YARSH.

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Congratulations, PFC Handorf!

Just wanted to post so I could congratulate my best friend Randall for graduating from Army Basic Training.

Randall in Dress

Seriously, I am so proud of him for doing this. Joining the Army (National Guard) is something that I don’t think I could pull off.

Again, Congrats!

UPDATE: I have received a couple of additional pictures and thought I would share.

PFC Randall Handorf
Randall, Rickey, and Mom
Randall and Dad

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Tired of the ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’?…

If you happen to NOT be tired of the Dramatic Chipmunk, or have not yet seen variations of the theme, then click here. Otherwise, the following videos are for your viewing pleasure.

Guyz Nite may have created the awesomest song-tribute to a movie. I present… Die Hard! Note – this song does have a verse about ‘Live Free or Die Hard‘, but it really doesn’t give anything away. Also note – this song does contain some language. Yippi-kay-ay Mother F…

Next, is an oldie but a goodie. Oldie is subjective (it came out a few months ago), but I knew about it then and apparently didn’t blog it. So here is No More Kings‘ sweet song and even sweeter video “Sweep The Leg“. A song based around The Karate Kid. This song is pretty cool, but the best part is that all of the actors (with the exception of the band and a pizza-joint-managing Dennis “Mr. Belding” Haskins) are the same actors that were in the original movie.

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