The ‘Q’ stands for Kwality

The shirt that I am currently wearing is ok. Nothing great. Doesn’t even look spectacular. But it is comfortable and is apparently designed to stay cool even in the summer heat (the verdict is still out on that one). But this particular shirt has 1 major thing going for it – It is a Haggar shirt that has a ‘Q’ stitched into the upper-back (near the neckline) on the inside of the shirt. This ‘Q’ signifies Haggar’s undeniable quality of clothing and production. There’s even a tag in the shirt that explains this quality…

Haggar Menans Quality

It’s got an “unconditional lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship & materials.” Does this menan that I can get a replacement shirt tag for free?

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Adding of the more cluttering for make benefit glorious blog of Yarsh…

Been pretty busy round these parts as of late. But one thing remains constant in my day to day life… Reading blog posts. When I need a break, I take a look at what other people are writing, whether it be celebrity news, technology news, gaming, coding, cartoons, or personal blogs. With Google Reader, Google gave bloggers around the world the ability to share their personal favorite blog posts with others publicly. Now they have a new(er) script that you can place into your personal website that will share your most recently shared items with those people who read your blog.

So now, whenever I see a post that I enjoy or think others will like, I will share it with you all. You can read these posts by clicking on the links over there on the left-side of the page under Yarsh is Reading…

I do want to thank Mark for pointing this awesome feature out. Of course, he probably subscribes to 95% of the same blogs that read (and another 100% more blogs than I even read), so this feature will not be used by him. But for you other 4… actually, none of you will care. But I think it’s cool so sue me tough cookies! I’m keeping it!

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