I Hate UPS too…

Mark posted last week that he hated UPS, specifically due to the fact that “A Natural Disaster” caused a package to be delayed.

What he didn’t mention is that this particular package is my new work computer and 2 monitors. I am currently working on my laptop, and while it is a great laptop and one that I am productive on, it is not a daily desktop with 2 monitors (which definitely helps the production process).

My reason for hating UPS now? It was rescheduled for delivery on Friday but no one was home at Mark’s place. So it was postponed to today, but the idiot UPS driver didn’t ring the door bell and Mark’s wife didn’t hear him knock (she was at home), so it again was not delivered today. Grrrr!!!

So, instead of having a full week + of development time on my new computer for my current project, I get 2 days. Thanks UPS!

Let the stress commence

Mark recently posted that we just landed a nice large project that is due relatively quickly. I am doing close to 90% of the development on it, so it will keep me busy. I am confident that I can meet the deadline, but am also nervous about it. Deadlines suck, but our estimates still appear to be accurate and I should be able to deliver a complete project by the due date.

All I know for sure is that it is going to be a very hectic couple of weeks. But I’m ready to rock.

Phoenix, the city of ‘Next Year’

I knew it was too good to be true. That The Suns would have enough steam to plow through the Dallas Mavericks. It is just so heartbreaking to watch your favorite team go down in flames (pun slightly intended). And once again, like all faithful Suns fans, we say “Wait until next year.” And we did it last year, too.

Well, if Joe Johnson hadn’t been injured, we would have beaten San Antonio. But wait until next year…

But it’s not just The Suns. We say the same thing every year with the Arizona Cardinals. The beginning of the football season can’t come soon enough, because we all know that The Cardinals have made some good moves in the off season to shore up some problem spots in the roster. And what are we all saying right now? Wait until this coming football season… The Cardinals have a healthy Kurt Warner. They signed one of the best running backs in football – Edgerrin James. They got a steal in the college draft – Matt Leinart, former USC star quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner; future Cardinals starting quarterback. And all of this talk about a team that was 5-11 last year…

There is no single city* in the USA that can feel our collective pain. If it wasn’t for a then-4-year-old Diamondbacks team, Phoenix/Arizona would have a total of zero pro sports championship trophies.

But we really want the NBA trophy.

So, wait until next year, when we have Amare back.
Wait until next year, when we have Kurt Thomas back.
Wait until next year, when Nash has had another year to let another Western Conference finals loss sink in.
Wait until next year, when Raja Bell doesn’t have a torn calf muscle.
Wait until next year. The Suns will win it all.

*This assumes a minimum of 2 Pro franchises in the following leagues: NBA, NFL, MLB, and NHL.
And I’m really just guessing about that… but it certainly feels like Phoenix endures the most pain.

Welcome to YarshBlog 2.0!

Just a quick note – YarshBlog 2.0 is now fully functional.

Take a look around – there isn’t a whole lot that is different as far as look and feel, but there are some new features, like categories and new Yarsh stats / about me info.

Plus, you don’t have to be a member of any blog software to comment here – just a name and email address is sufficient.

Anyways, please enjoy YarshBlog 2.0 and let me know what you think 🙂

PS – RSS users, since this is a new software, my posts now have new IDs and therefore a new feed. If you delete recently read posts and would like to prevent the newest 10 posts from continually coming in as new, delete the old feed posts that are the same title as the new ones. This way you will not continually receive multiple repeat posts via RSS.

PPS – I realize that not all of you can see the new website yet… it is a DNS resolving issue and could take several hours to correct itself.

Finally, a Phoenix Suns post…

All right. My brother has been posting on his blog that the Suns are killing him. Well, they’re killing me too. But I have a prediction to make.

Whoever wins Game 6 of the Suns-Mavericks series will win the NBA championship. That’s right, I said it. The winner of Game 6 of the Western Conference finals will win the NBA Title.

First off, the Miami Heat are the Eastern Conference representative. The Heat’s biggest weakness is fast-paced, high-percentage shooting teams. This is something that both the Suns and the Mavs can do (although the Suns are MUCH better at it). A run-and-gun offense completely takes Shaq out of the game (reference the 2 Suns wins against Miami this season: 1 & 2). The Chicago Bulls had a chance at beating the Heat in the first round of the playoffs, but their outside shooting was not good enough to overcome the Heat in every game (the games that were won by the Bulls were because of great outside shooting) . Phoenix can absolutely dominate that matchup.

And so can the Mavs. The Mavs have the ability to match up against any of the 30 teams in the NBA. They can play small-ball (like the Suns). They can also play your standard slow tempo games (and excel in these instances). This is the reason that the Mavs have a 3-2 lead going into Game 6 against the Suns – their ability to slow the tempo and not let the Suns get their pace going. Therefore, both of these Western Conference teams can easily handle Shaq and the Heat. So, my guarantee is that whoever wins from the Western Conference will win the title.

But my prediction goes a bit further. I am predicting that the winner of Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals will win the Championship. That means that if Dallas beats the Suns in Game 6 (and therefore win the Western Conference Finals 4-2). they will beat the Heat. But if the Suns beat the Mavs in Game 6, I am predicting that the Suns will win Game 7 as well and go on to win their first NBA title…

Final thoughts: Suns win Game 6 and go on to beat the Mavs in Game 7. They then win the NBA Champtionship over the Heat, 4 games to 1.

XHTML compliance is Bullsh**!

I have been hard at work for the past few days on my new blog software, and I have decided to make it totally XHTML 1.0 compliant. It has taken me nearly 3 times the amount of work, but thus far I have been successful at making it XHTML 1.0 Strict compliant. I am satisfied with the results, because it means that my site should render correctly in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

But it doesn’t. Even though the new site validates as XHTML Strict, it still renders incorrectly within Firefox and Safari. WTF??? I thought that these browsers were designed to work properly with sites that validate properly. I mean, isn’t that the big gripe with Internet Explorer – that it isn’t built with compliance standards? And yet it is the only browser that actually renders the site properly.

And now you know why I hate Firefox. People believe it to be the better browser; some people won’t even let you browse their site unless you are using Firefox (or other non-IE browsers), and yet it still doesn’t work.

Once IE7 is out of beta, I will be upgrading to that. It has tabbed browsing, like Firefox, and will render my site properly. Screw all you IE hating MoFos.