Movie Mash-ups / Recuts

I still haven’t even begun working with my new blog software, but I did want to make a post for Rickey.

This weekend, I showed him a couple of the really funny Movie Mash-ups / Recuts that have been all the rage recently on the net. We had some good laughs and I promised to find more. So here is a list of the ones I deem to be the funniest. If you have any more to share, let me know via comments or email.

All of these videos can be seen at YouTube, or you can click on anything other than the Play button on each of the videos to see them in full size.

1. Shining (Recut trailer for The Shining – the one that started it all)


2. Brokeback to the Future (Mash-up of Brokeback Mountain & Back to the Future)


3. 10 things I hate about Commandments (Mash-up of The 10 Commandments & 10 things I hate about you)


4. Big


5. Titanic Two The Surface (Mash-up of several Leo movies to create a sequel to Titanic)


6. Se7en


7. Toy Story 2: Requiem (Mash-up of Requiem for a Dream & Toy Story 2)


8. Top Gun (It just had to be done…)


9. Sleepless in Seattle (as a horror movie)


10. You’ve got Mail Redux (You’ve got Mail scene, redone with today’s chat standards)


11. Neo vs. Robocop


12. Taxi Driver (a romantic comedy)


13. Chicago (the musical is now a horror)


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Changes, they are a comin’

Just wanted to let you all know that I have begun work on converting my blog from Blogger to WordPress.

What this means to you, my 3 readers (I gained another reader!):

  • The ability to comment on my blog without having a Blogger username. So, for those lurkers out there, you will only need to supply a username of your choice, an email address (which never gets posted), a home website address (if you have one), and your comment. Pretty simple
  • Nothing else will change. The look of this site will remain the same.


While I don’t like the fact that WordPress is written in PHP, I do like the fact that I can manage my own code instead of having to rely on Blogger to be free of charges, and to be working at all times (so that when I want to post, I can post). Also, Blogger likes to use individual html files for each post. This annoys me because if I make 1 change to my blog template, I have to republish the entire thing so that the single change gets propogated to all pages. With WordPress, each post is stored in a database. Plus, I have some experience with WordPress now, because a client of mine wanted a blog, so we settled on WordPress after Mark had thought highly of it.

The way I currently have my blog template set up will allow me to put some code logic into the detail.asp page (which is the page you would view individual posts at currently) so that old links will not be broken. You can use an old link that goes to, say, this post, and my code logic will redirect it to the correct WordPress page.


It may be a week or 2 before I get everything running correctly due to Mark being on vacation this coming week, so if I have server issues or the likes, I will have to wait until he gets back (I’m also transferring the domain to a new server). Regardless, this should be fun 🙂

I do want to thank PrimaryHub for allowing me to host my site(s) over there for the past 5 years. Thanks for making it easy for me to entertain the masses (all 3 of you).

A day at the races

On Saturday, Randall, Mark, Ryan and I spent the day at Phoenix International Raceway. It was our annual trek to the GT races, and Mark’s first time joining us. Unfortunately for Mark, he had another engagement to be at, so he had to leave at 4, which was at the start of the 2nd of 3 races (the main event coming at 7pm). But at least he got to see the Daytona Prototypes running practice laps before race 2 started. It’s still not quite as awesome as being there at night, watching the brake lights flick on and flames spurt from the cars’ exhaust.

We had fun most of the day, with the exception of the ungodly 103 degree temperature that we spent nearly 6 hours in. But once the sun set, it was a beautiful night for racing. I got some nice shots throughout the day, which I have conveniently posted in the Looney Bin section of the site. Here’s a little taste…

Click here for some 70+ more pics. I’ll have some more pics that Mark took in the next few days to add to the Looney Bin archive.

Finally, I have a couple of videos that I took with my digital camera. They’re without sound, which sucks, but they look allright. Enjoy 🙂

Mr. Clean!

You all knew that I would continue forward in my quest to become Mr. Clean… I took the next step tonight.

Yes, I got my ears pierced. Both of them (but I couldn’t get a good shot of me with both ears in the pic).Watch out, Mr. Cartoon-Cleaning-Product-Advertisement guy… I may have your bushy white eyebrows before all is said and done.

Hey, at least I’m well on my way to a simple halloween costume…

Guitar Hero

No, I’m not referring to a certain Wanna-Be Rock Star… I’m referring to the insanely addictive Guitar Hero for PS2. The sole reason for this post? Some of the new tracks in Guitar Hero 2 have been announced, and will be playable at E3 next week. Of the 7 songs announced, I am stoked for 2 of them: You Really Got Me by the Kinks (as performed by Van Halen) and YYZ by Rush. HELLS YEAH! And don’t forget some Black Sabbath with War Pigs

There will be 55 songs in the game this time around, so I expect that there will be some other AWESOME tunes to jam out on.

Can you tell that I am a Guitar Hero junkie? Yeah, I am. But I still can’t beat Cowboys from Hell or Bark at the Moon on expert mode in the original GH though…