Rest in peace, Chelmo.

Yesterday, my kitty Chelsi passed away over night. Her health had been steadily declining for a couple of years, and her kidneys stopped working all together this week. Although she was a family cat, no one would really argue who she loved the most. So when my mom called me on Friday night to tell me that they had to put her down, I had to go tell my baby that I loved her and say goodbye. The plan was to have her put down in the morning on Saturday, but she passed away on her own sometime in the middle of the night.

Chelsi was one of those cats who, although she lived a long life, never grew out of a kitten-sized body. That was one of the best things about her – everybody loves a kitten, but when they grow big you tend to lose interest. Chelsi never grew up. She did, however, grow kind. For the first half of her life, she was a spunky, firey cat who didn’t really like most people. She settled down though and became a loving friend. She enjoyed sleeping between your legs or on your chest, and was always purring when she woke up.

Thank you Boo Kitty, for being a friend, for being there in good times and bad, for loving me. I will miss you dearly.

Here are some pictures of her just living life.

I also took some pictures of her Friday night when I visited her.

Note: I originally posted this on Saturday night, but had not heard from my parents about the end. I was not aware that she had passed away before they could take her to the vet, so I had to update the story.

Kevin Smith’s “Me and My Shadow” – UPDATED

I was really hoping to hold off my post about this until the story is completed (in the online blog format), but some other sites have gotten a hold of the story and are starting to link to it. For that reason, I am going to link to it now as well.

I read Kevin Smith’s blog regularly, mostly because of his awesome sense of humor and his extreme candor when it comes to everything in his life (Sex, Movies, et cetera). A couple of weeks ago, he mentioned that a few of the things he had said, in a Q&A session at a college, had become tabloid fodder. It had to do with Jason Mewes, or “Jay” of the famous “Jay & Silent Bob”, and his battle with heroin. But the only thing that spread from that story was a short blurb about how Mewes had sex with Nicole Richie.

This pretty much angered Smith, mostly because of stories being taken out of context. So he did what anybody in his position would do – he began writing the actual story of Jason Mewes, how he came to be friends with him, and how heroin is… bad. He has written 8 parts of the story he callse “Me and My Shadow” thus far, and the story is extremely riveting – I find myself checking to see if the next chapter has been published several times a day.

If anybody has any interest in… anything Kevin Smith related, this story is a must not miss. Keep in mind that you may end up wasting an hour or 2 in reading because it is getting quite long, but is SO worth it. I will update this post whenever a new part is released.

Kevin Smith’s Me and My Shadow
   Part 1
   Part 2
   Part 3
   Part 4
   Part 5
   Part 6
   Part 7
   Part 8
   Part 9 – Conclusion (Update)

A new toy :-)

Today, I went to Guitar Center with Randall. There were things there that we each wanted, and we both left with those things in our hands.

For Randall, a new guitar. He has been itching to start laying down some ideas with a guitar, and now he has that ability. He purchased an awesome Ernie Ball Music Man Sub1 for an incredible price (which I am not to divulge here due to super amazing discounts).

I, on the other hand, did not get away with the incredible savings that he did. I spent my birthday money and a little more on something I have been wanting (albiet in a different form than I was expecting). I picked up an Alesis MultiMix 16 FireWire – a mixer that plugs into my computer (and laptop) via FireWire. I was looking for a way to record my keys (and other stuff) on my computer and laptop, so I needed something that would connect via USB or FireWire. It also had to be a somewhat small piece of hardware so that I could take it with me if need be. Originally I was looking at things like the MBox2 or the Yamaha MW12, but neither of these served my ultimate purposes (both connect via USB, the Yamaha with USB1.1 – I really wanted this one due to the price and package, but it would only allow me to record 1 track at a time).

This mixer is everything that I wanted and more than I needed. The biggest benefit to getting this though is the ability to record 16 channels into the music recording software at 1 time (Steinberg Cubase). So, even though I have no need for that capacity right now, I will need it once we start tracking some new songs.

Anyways, I played around with it a bit tonight and I like it so far. I had written a little song outro that I wanted Randall to hear, but it was trapped on my keyboard. I set up Cubase to work properly with the mixer, and went to town. Consider it recorded, and here for all to… hear.

Download Yarsh’s Song Outro Idea (right-click, save target as…, please)

New Music

Every once and a while, I get a bug up my ass to listen to some new music. Sometimes this is a good thing, other times not – this is due to the quality of the new music that I select.

I already made mention of the new Chicago album, XXX, which I still enjoy after several full listens. But that was just the start of my new musical onslaught.

I had heard about a band called Coheed & Cambria on a music forum. It was getting mixed reviews, mostly due to the singer’s voice. He’s kind of a cross between Geddy Lee and Mike Patton (Mike Patton = teh awesome; Geddy Lee = gets old quickly). I decided to get their latest release anyways. It was worth it. These guys are pretty talented, somewhat progressive with a heavy edge and have some very creative writing. I later find out that “CO & CA” actually have a running theme/story through all 3 of their albums, so apparently I have to get the rest of the albums. I just picked up the 3rd (I’m going in reverse order), and it is decent. It just hasn’t grabbed me like Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes of Madness (4th album’s name), but I still need to listen to it another time before passing any further judgement.

I also picked up the new Lacuna Coil CD, which just didn’t do much for me on the first listen. I think they may have strayed from their earlier formula in order to get some more mainstream recognition. If that brings them success, then that is great. However, it somewhat disappoints me because I liked the freshness of their other stuff. Oh well.

Next up is Evergrey‘s Monday Morning Apocalypse. Hopefully this one won’t be a bust. 3 out of 5 ain’t bad.

Time for an update…

Instead of writing several posts about what is going on with my life, I think 1 post with brief snippets of info will suffice.

1) My job search continues. I have determined that is the greatest job website. I post my resume on there, and people call me about potential positions. After updating my resume 4 days ago, I have had no less than 7 phone calls and 8 email asking to speak with me about job opportunities. Granted, most of them were recruiters/head hunters, but there were some actual companies. Next week is going to be a busy one…

2) In other job related stories, my brother was just fired from his new job at a bank. No reason was given to him, just that “it wasn’t working out.” Apparently, they told the same thing to another employee the day before. I told him to post his resume on Monster. Hopefully, he will have a bit of luck in the same way I have..

3) Saw Against The Natural last night inside of a Zia Record Exchange store. They had to play acoustic (which I was not aware of), but it was good nonetheless. They play again next Friday @ Joe’s Grotto.

Tonight, we see Evolocity, the band that Randall proclaims to be “the best (live) local band in AZ”. Unfortunately, their recordings just don’t do the live show justice.

4) Ben Araiza (remember the name, he will be big) just put the finishing touches (Mixing and Mastering) on a new song called Only if We’re Dancin’. It features the fabulous Tina K on vocals, a voice that completely mesmerizes me. I really love this song. It is totally different from anything you would normally catch me listening to, but everytime I visit Ben’s or Tina’s Myspace page, I have to listen to the entire song. Check it out for yourselves – Download it now.

5) Speaking of new music… I got my hands on the new Chicago CD – XXX (let the pr0n jokes commence). I was interested in this CD because I grew up with the “lite-rock” genre, and Chicago was my favorite band (Side Note: I didn’t even get into Heavier Rock until my purchase of Van Halen’s Balance in 1996. This was a life changing purchase). But they haven’t put anything out in the past 15 years that has been worthy of the Chicago name. This album brings them back. I have listened to the album 3 times in the past 2 days and I really enjoy about 80% of it. It’s good to see fresh, revitalized music come out from one of your childhood favorites. I recommend this album to anyone who likes/liked Chicago in their rock-ballad 80’s heyday.

6) Finally for this post: The Goat. The Goatee is back and looking good 🙂

Hopefully, I can get you some exciting updates in the very near future. Happy for now, Sandii?