Holy music creation, Batman!

I downloaded the free trial of Sony ACID Pro 5 last night and installed it. I really wanted to experiment with some of the looping capabilities, which is something I have never done before. I took a look around the software, played the demo song, and decided to give it a go. But my mouse told me to go to bed instead. The battery was dead in my Logitech MX1000 laser mouse. Fortunately, I got a bit of sleep last night. Unfortunately, all I can think about right now is going home and doing some experimentation. If I come up with anything cool, I’ll post it here.

At least the mouse didn’t die while I was in the middle of my poker tournament.

Hurray for Oral Surgery

I have been having some tooth pain for the past week, so on Tuesday I decided to see a dentist. I don’t necessarily hate dentists, but prefer to stay away from them – especially since I am a smoker. But when there is pain, you gotta get it taken care of. The dentist was helpful, letting me know that I have no less than 5 cavities. One of which is on a wisdom tooth (which is the one that is giving me pain). So lucky me, I got to go to an Oral Surgeon this morning. And I get to have the remaining 3 wisdom teeth, currently residing in my mouth, removed this coming Tuesday (I had one removed years ago when it cracked and exposed a nerve).

To recap: I get to spend a few more days in mild pain, followed by getting put under Tuesday morning for surgery, and finally going back to the dentist to get the remaining cavities filled. Plus, since I have decided to REALLY try to quit smoking, I am going to get my teeth bleached and get my front tooth crowned (I broke my front tooth in 4th or 5th grade by slipping on a wet tile floor and falling on my face).

Merry Christmas everybody – my present to you all will be my pearly-white smile 🙂