I just wanted to get a couple of pics up from the costume party on Friday night, so this won’t really be a full post. I will talk about how The Dude, Walter, and The Karate Kid got hosed in the prize competition and will put more pics up as soon as I get them. Enjoy!

Thanks to Mark for The Big Lebowski photoshop of John and I. I had to pull my photoshop of The Jesus out of the woodwork for this occasion – mostly because of the theme that John and I did, but also because it is teh bestest photoshop evar!

Happy Happy Joy Joy

You ever get one of those pleasant surprises at the end of a long day? The kind that totally change your day from a negative into a positive? Yeah, I had one of those yesterday.

Not that it was a horrible day yesterday, but just one of those that dragged on and on. When I checked the mail at home, I received my happiness. I received 3 CDs that I had ordered at the begining of the month, expecting them to not arrive until next week (because one of the CDs is not even on the shelves yet). Let me tell you – if you didn’t know, I’m a music junkie. Just look at my “Interests” on the left side of my blog. Music, to me, is the universal equalizer. Music can completely change my bad mood. New music excites me. Writing and playing music does the same thing (and can even magnify that happiness). But when I have a lack of a creative outlet, new music is what I look forward to. Especially from my favorite bands and musicians. And that’s exactly what I got.

A new album from one of my all-time favorite singer/songwriters, Neal Morse. Autographed. That made my day. And the CD is pretty dang good, too (along with his last 3 solo albums and Spock’s Beard albums). This CD, “?”, also has 2 members of my favorite band making appearances, Mike Portnoy (who did all of the drums) and Jordan Rudess (the almighty king of keyboard players, and the player I look up to the most).

The other 2 CDs: Transatlantic: Live in Europe – a side-project “Super Group” consisting of Neal Morse, Mike Portnoy, Pete Trewavas, and Roine Stolt. I have the concert on DVD, but wanted a CD version. Also, Yellow Matter Custard, a Beatles tribute band who performed only 1 show in New York City. This also features Neal Morse and Mike Portnoy. Good stuff.

Finally capping off my happy week news (besides the 3 parties this weekend) is my new membership to the Scottsdale Gun Club. Guns = Hells Yeah! Anyone who disagrees is a bleeding-heart liberal. Yes, I’m talking about you, Michael Moore. I know you lurk here. Cock.

What’s this? A real post?

Granted, it’s not much of one. But it’s not some *made-up story…

This weekend should be very busy and, at the same time, very entertaining. We start off tomorrow night with a raging kegger at the Short‘s. Actually, it’s a costume party, which should be fun. I’m pretty sure that most of the people there will not have any idea of what I am supposed to be, but those that do know will think it is awesome. Yes, I am going in my boxers.

Saturday night, we have a raging kegger at Mark‘s place for his 2nd annual “Thank God I’m Alive” party. Randall and I are going to leave a bit early from there to head over to Alice Cooper’stown to check out Ben Araiza (who’s site seems to be down – MP3s here) rocking the joint, as well as hang out with those cool MoFos. We plan to return to Mark’s party after Cooper’stown, but that’s still up in the air.

Should be some serious fun. I will get some pictures up from the costume party, and maybe from Mark’s and Cooper’stown as well.

*I totally made everything up that occurs in The DCtm

The DCtm – Episode 1.01

Jimmy was beginning to hate his newly appointed position. He was definitely the most qualified to fill it, but Jackson’s micro-management was getting in the way. It was begining to piss him off. The SQL server crashes and lack of space issues were just magnifying the pain.

Max Enterprises seemed to specialize in server instability. If it wasn’t the air conditioning going out in the Data Center, it was the roof leaking into a sea of exposed high-voltage wire after a late summer evening storm. And if not that, running out of electronic storage space.

Or database servers crashing due to extreme heat.

But therein lies the problem: Jimmy couldn’t get more servers if he couldn’t get the temperature of the DC down below 70 degrees. And due to the rising heat, regardless of the crisp fall air outside, he couldn’t keep the servers currently residing in the DC from commiting seppuku.

“I’m tired of seeing Peter and Karen in there without any assistance from one of us IT guys,” Jimmy was saying to John. “What’s the point in having RFID badges, preventing access to the Data Center, when we leave the doors wide open?”

John Smirked. “In case you haven’t noticed, the AC is off in there again. In order to prevent – well hopefully prevent – another server meltdown, we need to leave those doors open to increase cool air circulation.”

“Of course I noticed, John. And when Bored comes to the office in 2 weeks to do their security audit, they’ll notice it too.”

“Looks like we better get these servers to the new off-site Data Center. Like, immediately.”

“Heh. You and I both know that this move is going to take a month or more to complete. The question is, when will we be able to convince Shiney of this?”

“I’d say about halfway into the first week of the move,” John fired back immediately.

To be continued…

The DCtm

I got a tv show that I want to pitch to the execs at Fox – especially considering some of the goings-on in our data center today. I can see it now…

Coming soon to Fox: From the creators of The Simple Life, American Idol, and Nanny 911 comes the all new, laugh out loud, comedy: The DCtm.

The verdict is in:

The DCtm “just doesn’t get any better when it comes to watching sorry ass, over paid, certifiably retarded IT professionals. – TV Pride 

If The DCtm wasn’t reality television, I never would have believed it! – US Meekly

I laughed. I cried. I ate some Cheetos. – High Times

Everything they do (and don’t do) seem like Resume Generating Events. How do they ever survive? – Yarsh

Catch an all new DCtm Thursday night at 8, right after new episodes of So You Think You Can Dance and Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy – Only on FOX!

Of course, not to be outdone, The Discovery Channel will release American Data Center (which will be showed on Monday nights after American Chopper and before American Hot Rod). 

Nootch. Mad Props go out to Mark, who made these images for me while I was still in “Crisis Mode” at work today.

After much deliberation

You may or may not have seen my post about “Good News / Bad News.” If not, you didn’t miss much. I just decided to remove it due to a bit of unexplained negativity towards those who provide me the means of living. I will recap it here though.

I got a pretty decent raise on Friday. Am I happy about it? Yes. Am I going to continue to do the best that I can, and learn new dev skills daily? Yes. Do I still have concerns about companyX surviving until my next review? Yes. Am I going to buy a new car? Yes. Eventually.

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to Vegas in 3 weeks for my brother’s bachelor party. During my last vacation I stayed at home, so this should be a very welcome change of venue (even if it does cost me some scratch). But it is Vegas. I think I’ll stalk SWSAS – I just won’t call her by her first name.

I’m pretty much brain dead right now. This happens when it starts pouring rain outside my window (and considering this is Phoenix, it doesn’t happen nearly enough). I think I am gonna try to brave traffic now. Bye!

You know what really grinds my gears?

I rarely get road rage. I do however get pissed off, and yell, at retards who should have their drivers licenses taken away from them. Normally, driving conditions are bad enough in Phoenix (1 drop of rain = a 25mph to 45mph slowdown in traffic). But the rules change this time of year. Oh yeah – it’s snowbird season.

snow·bird (sno’bûrd’) n.
1. Any of several birds, such as the junco and the snow bunting, common in snowy regions.
2. Slang. One who moves from a cold to a warm place in the winter. 

Every year, people migrate to sunny Phoenix/Scottsdale for 5-6 months in order to get out of the cold weather east coast and the midwest (especially the midwest). And considering that this is more or less a 5-6 month vacation, this group is comprised entirely of crusty, oxygen tank weilding, hard of hearing, legally blind, old folks. Each of whom happen to take a trip to the casino at the exact same time that you are headed to work, from work, or anywhere else.

They are always there to cut in front of you. To change lanes without signaling, causing you to slam on the brakes. To make a right turn into the 2nd lane and cut back into the first – not more than 10 feet in front of you, while you are travelling at a brisk 45mph (and the limiters on their cars kick in at 15). To not make a right turn at a stoplight until the light turns green (yeah, you’re right behind them)… Should I really continue?

Ok. To always, regardless of weather, travel 10mph slower than any speed limit (or 15-20mph slower than the rest of the traffic). To not know where they are at and cut across 3 lanes of traffic to make a left turn, only to realize that it was the wrong place to turn at, then cut back into traffic. To really fucking irritate me.

2 words: Go Fucking Home.

UPDATE: On my way home today, I saw the worst offender yet this year. Coming out of the Marriott, and waiting at a stop light, was an elderly couple in a Buick (surprise!) on the wrong side of the road!!! Yes, they were waiting in the left hand lane of a north-bound street, heading south-bound. I did a double take to make sure it wasn’t my eyes deceiving me… Nope, there they were. Un-freaking-believable! This street is divided by a median and everything!

*I need to let loose here sometimes, otherwise I will be this frustrated, pissed off, wreck of a man day in and day out. Thanks for reading. Yarsh appreciates you.

Heartbreak, The Ring Dance, and Front Page News

Sports weekend, mostly sucky on my behalf.

Fortunately, USC did not light up ASU for 63 points (Haha Scott). Unfortunately, ASU (read, Sam Keller) gave USC the game in the second half. It was 21-3 going into Halftime, with the final score being 38-28. Freakin’ Grrrr! Sammy, 5 interceptions? I know that 2 weren’t your fault, but seriously. You can’t win a game playing as poorly as you did in the 2nd half.

Roy Jones Jr. beat on Antonio Tarver. Well, at least he did between taking left jabs from, and dancing/mocking, Tarver. But in the end, Tarver was the winner. Tarver was solid for 10 rounds, whereas Jones was decent for 2. The general consensus is that if Jones had actually decided to punch Tarver more than 5 times per round, he would have won. The more Jones landed, the weaker Tarver got. Only problem was that Jones played the dancing game – he danced and moved more than he threw punches. He didn’t take any chances. I’m sorry, but how do you expect to win with that attitude? Just because you are one of the greatest fighters in history, you think that the judges will automatically give you points? There’s a lesson to be learned in there, which Randall has already delved into. A quick synopsis: The only way to win (in life, love, music, etc) is to take some chances. No guts, no glory.

The Arizona Cardinals are such an infuriating team. Last year, I was in Vegas when they played the 49ers (the first time). I put my $20 down on them to win. And they killed the Niners – right up until the 4th quarter when they quit playing and let San Fran tie the game, send it to overtime, and eventually win it. Fuckers. Anyways, last night was one of those rare times where the Cardinals were “at home”, actually got on national TV (ESPN), and it was not blacked-out. Played locally – in Mexico City. Yes, Mexico. The NFL had to ship the Cardinals down to Mexico to sell out a game. And at 105,000 in attendance, the record was set for largest crowd ever at an NFL game. Of course most of the fans were there for the 49ers.

After 1 quarter, the score was 14-0, Niners. And the 14 came via 2 Cardinal fumbles returned for touchdowns. I was ready to turn it off. But then something weird happend – we started scoring. And, even though we couldn’t find the end zone much (6 field goals, 2 touchdowns), we kept scoring. Final Score 31-14. And the front page of the AZ Republic shows the Cards game info (specifically that it was in Mexico City). Mexico City or not, a Cardinals win is frontpage news.

Why couldn’t they beat the Niners last year? I want my $20 back.