Back on the block

Well, I’m back from vacation. Actually, I have been back for 5 days now. And considering that I didn’t go anywhere on my vacation, I really can’t technically be back at all. It’s just been a long time since I blogged and figured it was time to update the 5 of you (I have more readers than my brother).

So, last week I had my first vacation since January. I pretty much did nothing of consequence, unless you consider yardwork-induced sunburn as something of consequence. Other than yardwork, I: slept in, watched some movies and TV (If you haven’t seen House yet, go pick up the Season 1 DVDs now!), played poker online, and ultimately did not go to work (which was the point in the first place). And the week ended too quickly.

This week has actually been all right, if you don’t count Tuesday. I got a tech support phone call at 4:30am that day, and when all was said and done, I couldn’t get back to sleep. Ended up coming in to the office at 6:40, and that’s just too early. Other than that, Jeff is really pushing a compensation review for me right now. And if I get what he expects me to, then I will stick around this place for a while. Of course, if I don’t get close to the money I deserve, I’m outta here. Should find out early next week.

Got some work done in the studio with the guys this week. I’m hoping that by the end of the year we are able to get a show together.

I’m looking forward to the festivities that are Saturday tomorrow. First, we have college football: #1 USC at #15 ASU (Fork ‘Em, Devils!). Then we have Jones-Tarver 3. I hope this fight is awesome – it needs to justify the $50 for Pay Per View.

I’m also looking forward to my brother’s wedding. Not only will it be a fun time, but it will put me 1 step closer to Jerry Jester status. I rule.

Is it really friggin’ awesome that I now know a girl (in a purely online way) who uses ‘teh cool’ in sentences? Yes it is. SWSAS, you are teh r0x0rz.

Poker is getting better…

I think I am finally done with my poker losing streak, which started back here. In the past week I have only not placed twice, out of 9 games (most of them $10 buy-ins). Of the six games that I have placed in, I have taken 1st place twice ($67.50), 2nd place twice ($40.50), and 3rd place 3 times ($36).

In fact, I got some great luck at my table tonight. I was being very patient with my cards, and many times I called a bet pre-flop – only to have it raised (to which I folded – even with AQ off-suit, pocket 9s, and Siegfried & Roy). So come the 26th hand of the match, I finally get a pair of cards in the hole that nobody can bully me out of playing with: AA. One guy goes all in before me, pre-flop, so I call…

Flop comes A-4-A, giving me 4-of-a-kind Aces. The other guy was drawing dead. I made a killing. And ended up placing 3rd when I was expecting an exit very shortly before I got that hand.

Thanks Full Tilt Poker!

Under Pressure

If it wasn’t evident by John’s comments on the subject, things do not seem to look well for this formerly finely-crafted boat. There are 2 major players leaving in the next week – one of whom is done with his tour of duty after tomorrow’s business day. Now I’m not saying that, with them leaving, my job will be impossible, but I am saying that it will be much more difficult. And I am not paid well enough to remove water from the cabin, one bucket at a time.

But am I confident enough in my skills that I can securely test the job market? I guess the answer has to be yes. I don’t have the time, patience, or money to be waiting around for the welders to show up and repair the hole in the boat.

I will reassemble my resumé tonight (since I cannot find a copy of it anywhere) and pass it along to the 3 prospects that have already either taken an interest in me, or have had me take an interest in them. And perhaps I will regain my beloved Black Pearl. Or my beloved Miss Swann (as the case may be)…

I do know one thing for sure – I am going on vacation not next week, but the one following. I haven’t been on vacation since January and I have become very weary (“ooh – she has a weary”) and just need a break from the office. Perhaps the next 2 weeks will allow me some clarity in the decisions I have to be ready to make at the tip of an iceberg.

Which Pirates of the Caribbean character are you?