Hi All… Again!

This website (blog.yarsh.com, yarsh.com, or some variation thereof) has been “down” for quite some time. It was time to get it up and running once again, if for no other reason than for historical purposes. As you can see, the domain has been changed to retro.yarsh.com, as I fully expect this website to remain dormant for now and into the future.

Thank you to Mark MacLeod for the years of free hosting.

With that being said, I am considering starting something else back up, which I will post on the main yarsh.com domain. I’m just not sure what yet. I mean, I have joshsmithdev.com that I never finished, and joshandtory.com hasn’t been updated since before Elena was born (I’m married with a kid now, btw).

Enjoy a walk down memory lane with all of these funnies, seriousies, and randomsies.

-Josh, er, Yarsh

Hi all…

It’s been a LOOOOOoooong time since I have posted anything. And I am not going to be posting anything significant here just yet…

This is just a note to say that I am planning a site redesign. I have gotten rid of my content at yarsh.com and this blog will be the new home of yarsh.com (retro.yarsh.com will continue to point to this location). Once I have the redesign complete, I will begin at least attempting to post semi-regularly. I will also host some of the old content here, specifically IOTD (funny images around the interwebs) and Looney Bin (personal pictures).

Stay tuned, and thanks to the 3 or 4 of you who just happen to still be subscribed to my RSS feed. It will be worth it.



DateTime currentDate = DateTime.Now;
DateTime birthday08 = DateTime.Parse("03/07/2008");
if (currentDate == birthday08) {
       yarsh.Age = 29;

(Loading and saving of the yarsh object removed for purposes of brevity)

Look! A White Elephant!!!

Sorry I have been away for so long. Lots of stuff going on – some good, some not good – but I finally had some stuff that I really wanted to get onto my blog, and this is a quick and silly one.

So, the company had a Christmas party this year and we were going to do a White Elephant gift exchange. So, I came up with a creative idea for it and began the necessary work to implement it. Then, 3 days before the party, the gift exchange was cancelled. So, since I had already invested a decent amount of time into this gift, I decided not to stop at just 1 gift, but enough for everyone at the party (well, employees at the party). The following is what I came up with – each were framed individually, wrapped, and randomly selected by my coworkers (with the exception of 2)… (and of course, clicky to embiggenate)

Do I make you horny, baby? Yeah!!!

Eat your ham, Tina
It’s like a lion and a tiger mixed… bred for its skills in magic.

I am the Walrus
Sargeant Yarsh’s one and only Lonely Hearts Club Band

Leonidas never looked so happy
Yarsh… In… SPARTAAAAA!!!!

Freedom, anyone? Anyone?...
I look good in a kilt… with Mel Gibson’s pre-alcoholic body…

I'm sorry. That last hand... it nearly killed me.
Bond. Yarsh Bond.

It's cold outside!...
Duuuun dun dun dun Duuuuun… SuperYarsh!!!

We named the monkey Jack.

Throw me the idol...
Asps… Very dangerous. You go first.

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Why didn’t I think of that?

This morning I was right on time for work. But then I realized I had to get gas. So I stopped for gas. Then I was back on my way… and remembered that I forgot to take my Lactose meds. So I drove back home and grabbed my meds. Then I was finally off to work. At the main enterance to Desert Ridge (thanks for the map link, j0tt), I saw the coolest (to me) license plate ever…

DreamTheater License Plate

DRMTH8R – Dream Theater!

Damn, why didn’t I think of that??? Oh right – because I already had YARSH.

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Congratulations, PFC Handorf!

Just wanted to post so I could congratulate my best friend Randall for graduating from Army Basic Training.

Randall in Dress

Seriously, I am so proud of him for doing this. Joining the Army (National Guard) is something that I don’t think I could pull off.

Again, Congrats!

UPDATE: I have received a couple of additional pictures and thought I would share.

PFC Randall Handorf
Randall, Rickey, and Mom
Randall and Dad

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Tired of the ‘Dramatic Chipmunk’?…

If you happen to NOT be tired of the Dramatic Chipmunk, or have not yet seen variations of the theme, then click here. Otherwise, the following videos are for your viewing pleasure.

Guyz Nite may have created the awesomest song-tribute to a movie. I present… Die Hard! Note – this song does have a verse about ‘Live Free or Die Hard‘, but it really doesn’t give anything away. Also note – this song does contain some language. Yippi-kay-ay Mother F…

Next, is an oldie but a goodie. Oldie is subjective (it came out a few months ago), but I knew about it then and apparently didn’t blog it. So here is No More Kings‘ sweet song and even sweeter video “Sweep The Leg“. A song based around The Karate Kid. This song is pretty cool, but the best part is that all of the actors (with the exception of the band and a pizza-joint-managing Dennis “Mr. Belding” Haskins) are the same actors that were in the original movie.

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The ‘Q’ stands for Kwality

The shirt that I am currently wearing is ok. Nothing great. Doesn’t even look spectacular. But it is comfortable and is apparently designed to stay cool even in the summer heat (the verdict is still out on that one). But this particular shirt has 1 major thing going for it – It is a Haggar shirt that has a ‘Q’ stitched into the upper-back (near the neckline) on the inside of the shirt. This ‘Q’ signifies Haggar’s undeniable quality of clothing and production. There’s even a tag in the shirt that explains this quality…

Haggar Menans Quality

It’s got an “unconditional lifetime guarantee against defects in workmanship & materials.” Does this menan that I can get a replacement shirt tag for free?

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Adding of the more cluttering for make benefit glorious blog of Yarsh…

Been pretty busy round these parts as of late. But one thing remains constant in my day to day life… Reading blog posts. When I need a break, I take a look at what other people are writing, whether it be celebrity news, technology news, gaming, coding, cartoons, or personal blogs. With Google Reader, Google gave bloggers around the world the ability to share their personal favorite blog posts with others publicly. Now they have a new(er) script that you can place into your personal website that will share your most recently shared items with those people who read your blog.

So now, whenever I see a post that I enjoy or think others will like, I will share it with you all. You can read these posts by clicking on the links over there on the left-side of the page under Yarsh is Reading…

I do want to thank Mark for pointing this awesome feature out. Of course, he probably subscribes to 95% of the same blogs that read (and another 100% more blogs than I even read), so this feature will not be used by him. But for you other 4… actually, none of you will care. But I think it’s cool so sue me tough cookies! I’m keeping it!

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